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Olissima Gallery is one of the few the polish online stores specializing in the sale of handmade artistic jewelry and other jewelry products. Since 2008 we try to Olissima Gallery was a place full of original and unique jewelery. We want to have returned to it with pleasure, sometimes if only to feast your eyes:). Where every individualist should find something for everyone, because it is particularly important for us to diversity. We choose quality, not quantity, with the intention of facilitating the selection of just such women. Women with character, personality - one that believe that this kind of fine tuning element has a huge impact on the whole, and is one of the most important carriers of information about ourselves.

That's why we work with a group of talented, often extremely versatile artists. For them, creating jewelry is not only work, but above all the need of the heart and a way to express your creativity. We seek to build on the foundations of the Gallery of mutual understanding and sympathy with both customers and our creators, because without you all gallery would be dead ...

We believe that even in the impersonal internet you can build a place full of warm emotion and friendly relationship that will ensure that once here goes, will have the urge to return. We are happy to advise, help, participate on an ongoing basis in a variety of artistic events, we have direct contact with both the creators and customers. Through the Gallery we want to make jewelry authored by Polish composers became known not only in our country and abroad. We try through our activities promote the belief that jewelry is as important as the art form even painting, or graphic, though somewhat underrated and treated with neglect. And it is precisely one of the few works of art that you can carry around with you, that which can become a talisman for us, memories of great emotional and even a memorial for generations.

Gallery Olissima is my third child:). The fruit of over 10 years of experience gained by working with jewelry and knowledge gained while studying at the Department of Art History, University of Warsaw. The team creating the Gallery can be found both people of arts and crafts, as well as business experience. We hope that the sum of our experiences to create "explosive", which explodes with creative and professional performance at the same time creating a gallery of our dreams.

We cordially invite you and wish you a pleasant shopping ........

Ola Olissima Pietrucka

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Project co-financed with EU funds

Olissima Gallery, which operates as a web page at www.olissimart.com, is owned by Alexandra Pietruckiej with operations as a company "Olissima Pietrucka Ola" with headquarters in Warsaw (01-456) at. Dark 7/43, entered into the business register under number 464 892 led by Mayor Warsaw, NIP: 113-208-65-65.