Amber jewelry



We invite you to familiarize yourself with our range of artistic jewelery amber, decorated with natural Baltic amber generally in an extremely wide range of colors. You may find jewelry in both classic elegant design, and created a modern, bold approach to such unusual materials such as amber.

Amber nuggets mined in Sambian mines or found on the Baltic beaches are fossilized resin of coniferous trees, which species it has never been definitively established. In the nineteenth century, marked them as a collective species - amber-pine, Pinus succinifera, as confirmed Kurt Schubert in 1961. These pines grew more than 45 million years ago (the Eocene) in the mixed forests of the continent called Fennoscandia. One of the properties of Baltic amber is the richness of its varieties, consisting of significant variations in the degree of transparency and its amber color - from pale yellow through shades of yellow to white, blue, green, beige and brown. This rich amber color makes it a sought after and valuable material in the folk art and jewelery.

  Amber jewelry can be seen HERE . Below are the work of some of our artists:



                 Emilia Górna >>                                                                                      Łukasz Ircha >>

Emilia Górna              


                 Danuta Grabowska Gitlin >>                                                                Galeria Mojej Żony >>



                  Gosia Podleśna Zdunek >>                                                                 Danka Czapnik >>



                 Pracownia Talizman >>                                                                          Sunflower >>



                 Przemysław Staszewski >>                                                                   Ambergallery >>