Title: The antidote for the crisis

Organizers: Label Antidote; Gallery Olissima, Noble Clay

Aim of the competition: Integration of jewelry designers, enabling networking and compare achievements, presenting the diversity of solutions and a range of opportunities arising from the use of different techniques and materials.

Purchase of materials: Participants who declare their willingness to participate in a contest for the April 12, 2013 are entitled to a one-time purchase of materials and tools in stock Metal Clay (; with a discount of 10%. Such information should be sent with your order, enter the relevant details in the "Notes to the order". Confirmation of the discount will be sent by e-mail. Discount can not be combined with any other discount received the title.

Assumptions of the competition: The economic crisis has squeezed its toll on the human psyche. Difficulties existential fear for the future and the need for restrictions ... all effectively reflects our mood, optimism destroys resources and deprives the desire for creative (and more creative) activities. We become irritable, overwhelmed with depression, we do not want to. Yet the sun still shines, the trees are green and still there is music! Oderwijmy So for a moment from everyday life and try to find the antidote to the crisis, something that amuses us, or - on the contrary - touching, but it makes you want to continue to live.

The criteria for the competition: The competition may be submitted to individual items or sets (sets), fulfilling the function of jewelry. The evaluation will assess participant skill workshop, quality, aesthetic work, innovation and synthetic forms of approach to the subject. We do not judge choice of subject, but only the way it shows.

Jury and Awards: Organizer provides for selecting the winner of the main prize, the winners of three awards, one in each category and the winner of the audience award.

Main prize - 2 packs Noble Clay Silver clay 25g with burnout in Antidotum
work from them, and (if the person is not interested awarded) 4-hour training Antidotum the basics of clays Metal Clay, along with clay Noble Bronze Clay exercise
Awards - after 1 package of clay Noble Bronze Clay 220g with the possibility of burn-in Antidotum work from them
Audience Award - Packaging clay Noble Copper Clay 110g with the possibility of burn-in Antidotum
work from them
The organizer reserves the right to distribute the prizes. The competition jury will sit Antidotum teachers and representatives: Gallery Olissima and brands Noble Clay. The jury's verdict is final legal road is closed. Until the official announcement of the results of the jury is secret.

Conditions for participation in the competition: The competition is open to any person who uses any technique of jewelry. Allowed the opportunity to participate in the competition group of designers. In this case, the form is completed by one person - a representative of the group, enter the names of the other participants in the "Additional Notes". Each participant may enter no more than two pieces (sets).
Authors of papers remain anonymous until the completion of the jury (the emergence of winners). Therefore, each entry must be accompanied by a code (6 digits, digits, non-repetitive). The same code must be entered on the application form and print the job description. Description form an integral part of the project and will be presented to the jury at the time of the meeting (please short, concise descriptions), and the application form should be attached to the product in a separate, sealed envelope, marked with the same code. Declassifying the names of the jury members will work after emerging victorious.
Admission is sending her work in the following time period, together with a description and completed and signed application form by the participant. Work should be delivered in packaging that ensures their safety during transport and storage. For shipment can include a CD with photos copyrighted work performed, which is tantamount to consent to the publication's images for promotional purposes.
In the case of the implementation of more than one job (supplied), you must complete a separate form for each work (set) and give each of them a different code. We report on a set form.
Organizer assume responsibility for these works from the time they are received until they answer / reference to the address given in the application form. This liability is limited to the cost of materials used in the performance specified in the form of participation (cost odtworzeniowy). The organizer is not liable for any damage to the work caused by technical defects of the products.
The works will be returned to the authors at the end of the competition and the associated advertising. The cost of returning the Polish Post (registered mail, without declared value) covers the organizer.
Entrants agree to publication of the names and photos of their products on the website of the organizer, the advertising and promotional materials, and in the media, without any restrictions.

Competition Schedule: work should be sent to:
Alina antidote Tyro-Niezgoda, 00-790 Warszawa, ul. Villa 8/10 m 37, the deadline to 19 April 2013. Public vote online at from 30 April to 12 May 2013. Announcement of the results of the competition May 18, 2013 at. 14.00 in studio school organizer in Warsaw at ul Willowa 8/10 m 37 and on the same day on the Internet at and
For information on additional advertising and promotional activities will be posted on an ongoing basis to