Rękami Stworzone

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Dream Spinner Sold
Rose leaves – earrings Sold
Hornet ring Sold
Beetle ring Sold
Thunder stone - pendant Sold
Art nouveau Viola 2 Sold
Fern - stud earrings Sold
Violas – earrings Sold
Seashell and lips Sold
Black tourmaline - pendant Sold
Apple blossom brooch Sold
Goldfish brooch Sold
Flying stag beetle pendant Sold
Goldfish necklace Sold
Stag beetle ring Sold
Fish-earrings Sold
Emerald and mantis Sold
Willow Sold
Flying beetle with malachite Sold
Orchid branch - brooch Sold
Willow leaves – earrings Sold
Sagra cufflinks Sold
Black butterfly brooch & penda Sold
Marine blue Sold
Diving Kingfisher Sold
Winter in fog - pendant Sold
Winter in fog earrings Sold
Jewel beetle - brooch Sold
Moon stone pendant Sold
Cherry branch on agate brooch Sold
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