Rękami Stworzone

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From 2018-01-08 to 2018-05-15 artist is on vacation.
Shipping of purchased products may be delayed.
Dawn with Angel Aura necklace Sold
Silver butterfly pendant Sold
Silver bottle amulet Sold
Goldfish - bronze pendant Sold
Lotus pond druzy agate Sold
Im sleeping- silver&gold pend Sold
Five-horned rhinoceros beetle Sold
Nocturn- labradorite necklace Sold
Black cat silver pin Sold
Mermaid - lapis lazuli pendant Sold
Sea necklace Sold
Kiss - lips Sold
Ukiyo-e Spring snow at Kyoto Sold
Silver butterfly pendant Sold
Snake bracelet, bronze Sold
Flowers necklace silver bronze Sold
Kali - goddess of destruction Sold
Furie necklace Sold
Winter - Alfons Mucha inspired Sold
Sumi-e Night pond Sold
Cicada pendant Sold
Amber magnifying glass Sold
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