Rękami Stworzone

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Silver guitar claw Sold
Honey&bee - pin/pendant Sold
The Moon Alfons Mucha necklace Sold
Violas - silver ename necklace Sold
Copal silver necklace Sold
Empress - amber and silver Sold
Kingfosher ametyst pendant Sold
Siamese fighting fish pendant Sold
Silver butterfly pendant Sold
Moss - druzy agate necklace Sold
Kandinsky inspired necklace Sold
Mantis with a garnet – brooc Sold
Tool - tribal bracelet Sold
Pond – small pendant Sold
Amber and bronze - pin Sold
Dusk moth Sold
Seashell pendant Sold
Flying fish- Exocoetidae Sold
Snakes bracelet with sapphires Sold
Dawn with Angel Aura necklace Sold
Silver butterfly pendant Sold
Silver bottle amulet Sold
Goldfish - bronze pendant Sold
Lotus pond druzy agate Sold
Im sleeping- silver&gold pend Sold
Five-horned rhinoceros beetle Sold
Nocturn- labradorite necklace Sold
Black cat silver pin Sold
Mermaid - lapis lazuli pendant Sold
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