Rękami Stworzone

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Dragonfly s Sold
Picto - ring Sold
Kingfisher 2 Sold
Pearl ring Sold
Flying beetle brooch Sold
Stag beetle Sold
Butterfly ring Sold
Ivy ring Sold
Making honey 2 – pendant Sold
Apple blossom – necklace Sold
Making honey 1 – pendant Sold
Butterfly branch - brooch Sold
Dragonfly necklace 2 Sold
Little shaman Sold
Lullaby silver pin Sold
Dragonfly pond Sold
Dagger - obsidian necklace Sold
Snakes - silver bracelet Sold
Reef and fish - amethyst Sold
Silver butterfly Sold
Grass - silver collar Sold
Moon Moth Sold
Silver butterfly Sold
Frost pearl necklace Sold
Rage - ring Sold
Fern flower necklace Sold
Emanation silver pin butterfly Sold
Silver guitar claw Sold
Honey&bee - pin/pendant Sold
The Moon Alfons Mucha necklace Sold
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