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Welcome to my gallery containing extraordinary jewellery made in wire wrapping technique.
This technology, although quite time consuming and demanding high level of precision, gives me unparalleled sense of freedom. Using it, I can various shapes and bind beautiful stones in an interesting way.
Isane 118
Grette 114
Thule 132
Pietersite - wisior 150
Lilieth 123
Jade circles 48
Nenett Sold
Sande - wisior z pietersitem Sold
Santhe Sold
Triquetra wisior Sold
Hearmon Sold
Sedo Sold
Toren Sold
Isare Sold
 Noriame Sold
Tutell Sold
Rocho Sold
Tenebre, two-sided Sold
Taline Sold
Jado Sold
I am your butterfly Sold
Ardor Sold
Sardo Sold
Krima Sold
Labri Sold
Kaito Sold
Sors Sold
Aschar Sold
Blatri Sold
Szmaragdowa sowa Sold
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