Marta Grzywna

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I had been looking for my way of life for a long time. I went astray a bit. Or maybe I was only walking around my path to feel, see and understand more. Then one day I discovered silver clay which had an enigmatic name Art clay Silver and since that time I have never stopped thinking about the possibilities which are offered by creating jewellery in this technique. The only constraint, when I work with silver clay which after being baled in high temperature ( 650°C) gives pure silver, is my imagination. My works are entirely handmade. Next I fire, polish them and oxidize in order to achieve in a truly alchemical process – a unique and exceptional product. Work without any moulds makes creating an identical product impossible.

I love cool, metallic charm of silver accompanied with colours of minerals. I use in my works high- quality semi-precious and precious stones, I add colour by means of a perfect quality of cubic zirconia.

My works are hallmarked according to the binding hallmark law.
Magic house for fairy
Silver pendant made of fine and sterling silver. Pendant looks like little mushroom house for fairy:) It measures 53 mm height and 21 mm width. I made it scratch so it is one-of-a-kind jewellery....
Price: 99 €
Lady in pearls - necklace
Elegant pearls necklace made of 3 rowks freshwater pearls and handmade silver pendant situated near to silver clasp. The total lenght of the necklace is 50 cm....
Price: 204 €
Laces and the labradorite
Artist: Marta Grzywna, Category: Art Jewelry - Rings
Feminine ring with pretty labardorite, The size of the ring is 14. The measurement of the stone is 14X11 mm....
Price: 78 €
The cat
Big pendant with a cat looking at the sleepy town. It has been made entirely by hand. The length of the pendant id 6,5 cm and the width 4,3 cm....
Price: 192 €
Cloudy sky on the wrist
Handmade bracelet in severel shades of blue made with fine and sterling silver, aquamarine, kianite, ilolit and blue onyx. The length of the bracelet is 20 cm and will be ideal for the wrist of 16 cm. The toggle is made with fine silver and adorned fith little iolit....
Price: 120 €
Two faces of Labradorite
The necklace made of silver and amazing labradorite, which was too pretty to hide any of its sides in silver setting. I decided to reversible necklace, which can be worn on both sides depending on your mood. Each side has got completely different style but both sides of the stone are equally beautiful. The total length of the necklace is 64 cm but it can be clasped 60 cm. The stones is 2 cm wide and long. The stone is natural so it has some natural scratches, which don`t make it any less pretty....
Price: 255 €
Fly with me - necklace
Interesting necklace made scratch by me. I used sterling and fine silver and pretty gems: green onyx and quartz paraiba. Main elements are: silver bird, feather and circle with sentence written on it I believe I can fly...
Price: 149 €
Silver Kite
Silver kite made by hand in fine and sterling silver adorned with beautiful labradorite. The total length of pendant is 16 cm and the length of the silver chailn is 51 cm. ...
Price: 270 €
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