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"Let us consider the well-known situation where a man delights in objects of art or nature. Then it hits the splendor and harmony, diversity and unity - something that is beyond their expectations, and at the same time satisfy the deepest longings for what is good. Usually said to be the beauty. "(M. Gołaszewska: "Awareness of Beauty") I am a graduate of Philosophy at the University of Breslau, also finished Ceramic School. Philosophy is my fascination and passion, as much is my crafts various sorts! :) I love knitting, sewing, painting, cutting ... In my offer: Hand embroidered jewerly (sutaszu jewelry), a technique that allows the use of experience in the field of sewing and embroidery and lace frywolitkową. I suggest hand crafted with attention to detail from the highest quality materials. In this era of his life makdonaldyzacji offer goes to seek the "nice things" and environmentally friendly. Feel! :).
Muszka 60
Czarna kamelia 66
Sutasz z frywolitką -kolczyki 105
Pastelowy owad- broszka 57
Broszka owad 66
Moulin Rouge 105
Szary jedwabnik  brosza-wisior Sold
 like a bird- żółty opal Sold
like a bird 09 Sold
Mysterious Garden - Calisii 02 Sold
Ślubny diadem (biały) Sold
Mysterious Garden - Calisii 01 Sold
Mysterious Garden Sold
Caryca 03 Sold
like a bird 08 Sold
Helena 03 Sold
Helena 02 - spinka Sold
Helena 02 Sold
fascyujący fascynator... ;) Sold
Helena 01 Sold
Naramienniki - czarna koronka Sold
Naramienniki - w czerwieni Sold
Peacock z labradorytem Sold
Koronkowy kołnierzyk nr2 Sold
like a bird Sold
Vanity Fair Sold
Ramya Sold