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Despite the typical technical education, the jewelry has become my passion. I have always been fascinated with arts, I liked how beautifully utilitarian functions can be combined with the unique, interesting and fascinating shapes designersko ornaments. I love to create, watch emerges from the idea of ​​a real, three-dimensional object. Always more attracted to working with spatial objects rather than painting, I also ideally suited to the creation of small, precision components and delicate ornaments, instead of the huge structure. My fascination with art and beauty reflected in unique shapes and interesting design, while the inherent accuracy of the technical thinking of crafting cause pedantic even care, with attention to every detail, its layout and maximum strength.
Rosa rosa 57
Przyjęcie w ogrodzie 42
Między drzewami 69
Treasure  the wood 43
Blue Lake Amazonite 108
Kryształowe gwiazdy 53
Kolia w szarościach 56
Kropla ze ślimaczkiem Sold
Słodycz orientu Sold
Bukiet vintage Sold
Chwościk w czerwieni Sold
Staw w sercu puszczy Sold
Marrakech Sold
Za zielonym liściem Sold
Focus on green Sold
Łapacze snów zielonych Sold
Felicitas Sold
Tapiti Sold
Isztar Sold