Sylwia Radecka

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The passion to design a few years ago started the adventure. In my studio among manually formed silver and bronze and copper arises jewellery during live colors and minerals high class. I am inviting you.
Sea Shells
Dreamcatcher - Orange and Blue
Yin Yang Oak Leaf
Fern Ring
Magic Birdhouse
Yin Yang Oak Laef
Saturn Ring
Scallop Pendant
Scallop Earrings
Dreamcatcher - Toho
Smoky Quartz Earrings
Coral Reef & Chalcedony
Two Sided - Yin Yang - Pendant
Rose Chalcedony
Scarecrow Earrings
Yin Yang - Dragonfly
Yin Yang - Boho
Asme... & Rose Quartz
Moss, Mandala & Resin
Copper, Mandala & Toho
Triangle & Turquoise
Dreamcatcher - Toho
Organic Gold and Silver Leaf
Silver Branch
Oak Forest - Earrings
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