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I love dogs, good movies and snack. I make something "always". I paint, neck, better ... Several months ago I saw a jewelry sutaszową and fell in love at first sight. Since then, I can not stop embroider :) In their work, I try to include original ideas, feelings, dreams and fantasy, and support them in perfect workmanship possible.
Welcome to my sutaszowego corner, and you can find in it something that will make your world more special :)
JUA - unusual pendant
DRUADAN soutache pendant
COCHISE - unusual pendant
Royal Beetle Opal Green
RAVENNA - embroidery necklace
LUX TREASURE wisiorek sutasz
Ferrucio - soutache pendant
Paola - soutache pendant
CZECH TREASURE wisiorek sutasz
Mystic Leaves Opal Green
Paradise Lost bracelet
Lavender Scheherezade pendant
Blue Dragonfly soutache
Druadan Forest 1 soutache
Druadan Forest 2 soutache
Aztec Dream VI Bright earrings
Dark Matter Pendant
Aztec Dream VI Dark earrings
Amazon Rainforest Pendant
Amazon Rainforest Earrings
Arya soutache earrings
Direwolf 2 soutache earrings
Arya soutache earrings
Blue Curacao earrings soutache
Secret Garden Gold
Royal Dragonfly
Secret Garden Black
Princessa pendant soutache
Turquoise soutache earrings
Red Queen soutache earrings
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