Rękami Stworzone

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Ancient gods - earrings
Seymchan Spark - necklace
Dandelion and mouse - pin
The Heart’s Flame
Nightingale’s nest - ring
Cherry amber
Butterfly necklace 7
Snowflakes silver earrings
Dragonfly wing pendant
Leaves stud earrings
Prometheus silver pendrive
A tale - jewellery triptych
Dandelion and mouse - pendant
Meteorite Crash Site
Flying beetle ring
Fish herd
Klimt - Kiss
Green lantern
Dream Spinner
Rose leaves – earrings
Rose leaf - silver pendant
Hornet ring
Blue fish
Black pearl
Flying beetle with malachite
Beetle ring
Thunder stone - pendant
Coffee ring s.12
Coffee - silver stud earrings
Art nouveau Viola 2
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