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Jewellery is my passion and hobby. Unwind after work and relax in your free time. I do it because I like it, because I enjoy the process of creation. I am self-taught. For three years, I am interested in jewelery, stained glass before I did, I was the restoration of furniture, art and embroidery. Feel free to look at my work.

Jacek Krzeszewski
Baltic Amber - bracelet
Baltic Amber - bracelet
Nomada - komplet bransolet
Rocket Queen - komplet
MY ANGEL - komplet bransolet
NOMADA - bransoleta
Różaniec - komplet bransolet
- Dust N Bones - bransoleta
Era Elfów - zegarek
Różaniec - bransoleta męska
Stormborn- bransoleta
Tribal - bracelet
Black Magic Woman - bransoleta
KOŁA - kolczyki
BOHO CHIC - kolczyki
Boho Chic - komplet bransolet
SAUVAGE - komplet bransolet
SAUVAGE - bransoleta
Crusader (cross)-komplet
LEATHER STRAP - bransoleta
Era Elfów- zegarek+bransoleta
Era Elfów - zegarek
Thorin - komplet bransolet
Thorin - bransoleta męska
Thorin - komplet bransolet
Era Elfów - zegarek
Era Elfów- zegarek+bransoleta
ROSE WING - bransoleta
BLUE WING - bransoleta
Bursztyn- bransoleta różańc
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