Marcin Młynarczyk

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Gold and jewelry design is my passion and professional work. For 25 years, that whole adult life doing this job. In my studio created a traditional and exclusive gold jewelry, as well as modern copyright collections of silver. I worked with fashion designers and took part in many shows. I also had the opportunity to gain experience in the European Jewellers in Christchurch, New Zealand. That´s where I brought a very beautifully stained abalone paua shells. They inspired me to create a simple in form but sophisticated collection, which you can see here. Regards, Martin Młynarczyk of Lublin.
Bransolety z odciskami palców
Bracelets engraved with the fingerprint men and ladies. Possibility of silver and gold. Type of strap used to be negotiated....
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Wisior z afirmacjami
Jewelry was inspired by the book Jasmuheen Fri. Food of the Gods. The author is an international lecturer and founder of the Australian Academy of Samoumocnienia. This programming code can be used to keep the body in balance at all levels and to release the restrictions perception. The warrant itself should be used as often as you remind yourself about it. It consists in repeating again and again: perfect health, perfect weight, perfect balance, excellent image and at the same time connecting in turn each finger with the thumb, which is repeated mudra (the symbolic gesture of the hand) reinforcing the warrant. For the code to work, Jasmuheen recommended to realize two things. First, the code...
Price: 150 €
Proved, the original silver pendant wykonanyw entirely by hand. Some elements have been pozłoceone. It is suspended on strings waxed black with silver clasp. Size 11x4,5 cm. Total weight 32 grams. To join wisirora certificate and tasteful packaging. The product hallmarked and signed....
Price: 360 €
Złota rybka
Wonderful and artistic necklace entirely made personally by the creator of silver, black and orange agate, photo on Plexiglas and thick natural leather strap. Visually attractive and rich in expression, a spatially extended, a pendant, which is complementary setting for color images. Remarkable with its own unique blend of materials and their very appearance. Witty and unusual creations fulfill uncommon personality. Size of the pendant: 15 x 6 cm. Length: 38 cm....
Price: 150 €
Piny z Marysią ( canabbis )
Silver Pins with Marysia for men and for women. Available quantity is 25 pieces, price. If you buy more discounts. Ability to perform similar special order. Size 12 mm, silver 925. Filling acrylic....
Price: 9 €
Kolczyki z Marysia ( Cannabis
Earrings with Marysia, The size of about 1.2 cm in diameter. Available quantity approximately 20 pieces....
Price: 24 €
komplet turkusoway
komplet : zawieszka serce i kolczyki z turkusem . ...
Price: 120 €
Granat w złocie 2
Large, original ring with framed in gilded setting for a large (10.8 mm) grenade. Made entirely by hand techniques of jewelry made of silver pr.925 .Waga 12 grams, width 16mm, size 17. Some jewelers, gold-plated elements. Ability to perform in gold, a different width, size or stones. The product hallmarked and signed. Sent in a tasteful package with an accompanying certificate of authenticity....
Price: 150 €
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