Manufaktura Magnolium

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... I can not imagine a day without creating, or will it leave "traces" of my thoughts, concentration, sensitivity, observations on the canvas, and the creation of small forms (which I call the sculpture) in jewelry. I have a head full of ideas, there is a day that does not bring excitement:) Meet the person, place, or beloved Venice architecture (seen and lived once again on vacation) can be an inspiration for me. I know that as Pablo Picasso said, "Look it does not mean to see," and I think "seen" by the child. He helped me with that special atmosphere of the city where I was born and still live - Kraków. Marchand was in the contemporary art gallery. However, as always in me to beat the so-called lay. promoting other people. It seems to me that it is now looking with great zeal, I create, I wanted to catch up the time that was fascinating, but not allowed to meet the artistically. So I paint and I make jewelry artist. I chose deliberately sculptural method of "lost wax" - because it gives the possibility of making sense of the material and the form in clay.
Porcelana i minerały
Porcelanowy Krab
antyczny brąz