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I admire tasteful elegance with a touch of splendour. Jewelry is my medium to combine craftsmanship with transient impressions and emotions. Each detail has its importance and each of them tells its own story. It is my passion, which makes me breathe deeply and develop. The hours spent at my workshop resemble a kind of meditation filled with patience and precision.

The surrounding world is filled with colours, shapes and words. It happens that a single line, a part of a tune let the creating of a particular form begin. Everything I assimilate during each day, leaves its mark in my memory, and gets out while working in my workshop. This process is usually spontaneous, without any projects or other unnecessary background – I look through my gems reserves and let it happen. Sometimes an idea appears when I'm falling asleep. This is when a sketch is needed, to not forget the image.

As a self-taught silversmith I have worked out my own technique over the years and evolved a unique style. High quality of components and precise workmanship is where I place importance. The jewelry, d in a complex process is unique and intricate. It is a permanent bit of beauty, which will keep evoking smiles and memories for long years.

You're welcome to visit my colorful world of passion and imagination!
Faethe 335
Arieann 415
Wirrin 395
Tethys 288
Sefarina 1123
Rathnait 398
Quintuillan 963
Millicente 298
Wijeada 320
Zanitra 373
Harlequine 1123
Llamrei 345
Hyades 370
Jolinar 900
Fyuree 288
Eanite 335
Cidrin 243
Basye 345
Avyannah 695
Zoheret 435
Yunette 273
Taroa 408
Wardeya 339
Teegan 245
Otrera 563
Neassa 563
Denderei 495
Fanness 385
Zafirya 423
Kylea 243
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