Bell Art - Ewelina Jasińska

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From 2020-09-11 to 2020-09-21 artist is on vacation.
Shipping of purchased products may be delayed.
Jewelry is my passion and a way of life. I deal with the creation of several years. I´m trying to each of the items made ​​by me had his "soul" and was unique. I love the combination of precious silver minerals with unique colors and pearls. Doing all the work manually, by traditional techniques of jewelery. Passion, beauty, and imagination is everything in my studio is transformed into jewelry.

I like challenges so willingly doing the jewelery on request.

I invite you to visit all who love unique designs and beautiful craftsmanship.
Kolczyki kwiaty z chalcedonem 57
Złoto z turmalinem 171
Naszyjnik z bursztynem 72
Bransoletka z rodolitem 47
Pierścionek z cyrkonią 42
srebrne sztyfty roślinne 33
Mandala z perłą 44
 Pierścionek srebrna kulka 28
Srebrny trójkąt 32
Pierścionek z perłą 39
Wisior-fioletowe wstążki 35
 Iva – bransoletka z ametyst 47
Squere - sztyfty z granatem 36
Wiosenny prehnit 33
Topaz 35
Bransoletka adrenalina 30
Perła w oksydowanej miseczce 27
Bransoleta z kamieniem księż Sold
Złoty pierścionek z opalem Sold
Sztyfty z kwiatami Sold
Sztyfty z granatem Sold
Pierścionek z labradorytem Sold
Bransoletka paprocie i perydot Sold
Karp koi z perydotem Sold
Bransoletka z topazem Sold
Pierścionek z ametyst i złot Sold
Pierścionek z topazem Sold
Kolczyki koła Sold
Bransoletka koła i labradoryt Sold
Pierścionek z bursztynem Sold
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