Agnieszka Szmit

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I specialise in handcrafted jewellery. My basic resource is silver formed and fired according to the Art Clay Silver (ACS) technique, although I have recently begun working with bronze as well. To me, creating each piece of jewellery metal clay (such as the Art Clay Silver) is a truly magical experience: it starts with a piece of ductile, inconspicuous ground of metal (usually silver), which undergoes a series of meticulous processes in order to reach its final metallic form. These include forming, shaping, carving and drying of the clay, as well as firing it in temperature reaching up to 800ºC.

Silver and bronze clay offer countless opportunities for bringing the artist’s designs to life. It is possible to any form imaginable, the final outcome being only a matter of the artist’s skill, experience and tools. In designing my jewellery I most often reach out for floral patterns, leaves and, in general, vegetation in bloom. They might become the main theme of a design, or serve a strictly ornamental purpose. Every piece of jewellery I make is absolutely unique, which means that each order starts a fresh design and ends with a single piece of art. I do not use any ready-made molds or templates.

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Agnieszka Szmit
Blue sakura
Świerkowe szyszki - naszyjnik
Świerkowe szyszki - kolczyki
Krople rosy
Charms Girls
Liść bluszczu
Sea on the Moon
Róża Lutra - wpinka
Luther Rose pendant
Ginkgo with Fluorite
Fairy flowers
Blooming Apple Tree
Wild Fruit
Two sides
Róża Lutra 2 - zawieszka
Róża Lutra - wpinki
Skrzydło anioła
Róża Lutra - zawieszka
Luther Rose pendant
Biała pelargonia
Skrzydło Anioła
Cherry blossoms
Rajska jabłoń - bransoletka
Fruity Summer
Girl in a kokoshnik
Wild Apple - earrings
Luther Rose pendant
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