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Crafts. We present you with unique jewelry and crafts made with the precious metals, exotic wood, amber and other materials. In the Gallery Olissima you can buy or order office gallantry such as business card holders, cigarette cases, paper knives, but also stamps, medals, statues, models, stylized frame or dishes. We also offer hand-made jewelry advertising in a limited series.
Pendant Silver Marine Symbol 47
Ring Snake Uroboros Bronze 68
Pendant Bulls Head Silver Zah 110
Pendant Scorpion Bronze Zahari 65
Pendant Algerian Love Knot 40
Pendant Scorpion Silver 103
Pendant Cross with Jesus Bronz 60
Pendant Space Fleece Silver 32
Pendant Shuttlecock Bronze 13
Signet Bronze Zahario 49
Pendant Lungs Silver Zahario 95
Pendant Spider Bronze 48
Pendant Big Cat Paw Silver 29
Pendant Aries Bronze Zahario 78
Pendant Spider Silver Zahario 95
Signet Silver Zahario 88
Ring M Bronze Zahario 44
Pendant Celtic Knot Silver 30
Pendant Cross with Jesus Silve 103
Pendant Lungs Bronze Zahario 48
Pendant Shuttlecock Silver Zah 18
Pendant Wing Bronze 15
Pendant Head Android Silver 125
lou hipnoticc 39
Pendant Pistol Silver 45
COCHISE - unusual pendant 30
Earrings Skulls Silver 32
Perseusz 600
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