Advertising jewelry



Take a look at our offer advertising jewelry done in a limited series. Hand made, and even individually designed products are excellent, original and unique business gift. We work with over 130 artists from across the Polish so we can accomplish almost any job regardless of the ordered material, technique or location of the customer. We offer you include: business card holders, pendrives, corporate badges, pendants, fancy office goods such as knives or paperweights, plaques, but also medals, trophies, statues, with the company logo and much more.

We have already made ​​a contract, inter alia, for:

- Ballantines - stamps of company

- Desperados - decorative rings with the logo

- TVN - paper knives with silver, amber and exotic wood

- The Miracle Foundation InVitro - bracelets with the logo of the Foundation

- Techno-Service SA - statues

and many others.

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