Żeglowiec Odkrywców Świata

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Artist: Szymon Klimek
Żeglowiec Odkrywców Świata
Żeglowiec Odkrywców Świata Żeglowiec Odkrywców Świata Żeglowiec Odkrywców Świata
Price: 390 €

Registered mail, priority: 2 €
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Courier in Poland: 8 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
The beautiful miniature of the popular sailing in the Mediterranean in the fifteenth century, known as Karak. A replica of the originals is made up arms makers of brass sheet. Active after the deposit has been painted in developed and enriched with colorful sails Swarovski cubic zirconia and symbols referring to the original. On the sailing ship POOL oceans and seas explorers such as Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Christopher Columbus. Delicate and light in nature thumbnails are closed in glass goblets. They are the perfect decoration for elegant interiors and can be remarkable gift for different occasions, such as wedding, communion, anniversary or birthday. The process of creating the thumbnails requires great precision and focus, which is why it takes time for its execution. The cup high: 27 cm. Diameter of cup: 10cm. Orders should be submitted in advance of 2 to 4 weeks. Such a souvenir like this, it is literally for generations ...

Length: 27,00 cm
Diameter: 10,00 cm
Technique: metalwork
Material: zirconia, silver 925
Color: red, old gold, green, gold
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