Nature - Frances (necklace)

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Artist: AillilStudio
Nature - Frances (necklace)
Nature - Frances (necklace) Nature - Frances (necklace) Nature - Frances (necklace) Nature - Frances (necklace) Nature - Frances (necklace)
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Frances is a necklace inspired by Magical Garden book by Frances H.B. High quality,carved labradorites and amethyst are surrounded with quartz, hematite and beads: Toho, SuperDuo, Preciosa.Necklace is hung on lapis lazuli strands.The clasp is sterling silver. Necklace is finished with high quality, ecological leather. Circumference: 60cm-66cm. Size of the necklace: 16cm x 9cm.All works are sent in elegant jewellery bosex- perfect fo a gift.

Width: 9,00 cm
Length: 16,00 cm

Tags: aillilstudio, floral, colourful, exclusive, effective
Technique: embroidery
Material: amethyst, hematite, Preciosa beads, Toho beads, quartz, labradorite, silver
Color: violet, navy blue, cobaltic, raspberry, blue, pink, old gold, multicolored, heather, green


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Nature - Frances (necklace)