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Artist: CIBA
Ysbail Ysbail Ysbail Ysbail
Price: 313 €

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Foreign shipment: set individually
Stone of the body, mind and soul connection.
Prafiolite helps to find the appropiate way and power to transform a chosen part of our life to a more desirable state.
A great talisman, bringing safety, profit, and as a personal talisman in long term efforts - financial security in old age.
Prasiolite will enhance energy flow aiding our efforts that are devoted to enhancing family and community.
As a very grounding stone it brings you significant understanding of nature.
Good for the beginning of a meditation, it allows to harmonize with nature and eases the transition to the meditation state.

Chakras: heart
Birthstone for: August

Entirely hand made, using an ingenious technique combining wire-wrapping and metalwork elements.
materials: sterling silver, prasiolite
size: 50x33 mm,
single earring weight: 7,9 g,
(Use the sizing information provided for a best sense of the fit.)

Would you like a unique, custom designed piece thats all your own?
Just contact me :)

Width: 3,30 cm
Length: 5,00 cm
Weight: 7,90 g

Tags: sterling silver, earrings, fairytale earrings, elvish earrings, bartosz ciba, ciba, ciba jewelry, gift, perfect gift, christmas gift, cosplay, prasiolite, prasiolite earrings, green amethyst, green amethyst earrings, butterfly, butterfly earrings
Technique: metalwork, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: amethyst, silver, silver 925, silver 930, silver 999
Color: transparent, silver, green
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