Cobalt glow

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Cobalt glow
Cobalt glow Cobalt glow Cobalt glow Cobalt glow Cobalt glow Cobalt glow Cobalt glow
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The original necklace, which you can wear in three ways, I made of 925 silver and fused glass *. The glass element is partially transparent, in its center there is a bubble in which the inside is hiding howlite. I took the glass with a setting made of silver, which I covered with an oxide, giving it a steel-gray shade. The charm of the whole is added by a tear of golden pyrite and iridescent caves under the pendant. I put the pendant on a shaded, crocheted string consisting of hundreds of blue beads, this technique is called beading.

You can take the pendant off the rope and wear it yourself, as you can see in the pictures.
* Fusing - a technique involving melting and staining glass in a special oven heated to a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius. All glass cabochons are made by myself, each one is unique.


Pendant: 5.0 x 11.0 cm
Cord length: 87.0 cm (including hooks)
Silver weight: 20.0 g

Width: 5,00 cm
Length: 87,00 cm

Tags: gift for her, glass pendant, pendant with fusing glass, pendant 3 in 1, oriental pendant, beading string, beading necklace with silver, necklace with glass, original silver necklace, bold necklace, cobalt necklace, blue necklace
Technique: metalwork
Material: pyrite, silver 925, silver 999, glass
Color: light blue, navy blue, cobaltic, silver, sapphire


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Cobalt glow