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Artist: CIBA
Oriel Oriel Oriel Oriel
Price: 248 €

Value shipment in Poland: 1 €

Courier in Poland: 1 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Its a quick and highly effective stone enhancing psychic abilities, telepathy and second sight. 
As a great transmitter of life energy it eliminates blocks, cuts off bad thoughts, mindsets and dualistic concepts. 
Kyanite also normalizes body temperature and blood pressure. It helps in cases of neck stiffness, ear and throat infections.

Chakra: third eye
Spirit guide: Archangel Michael
Birthstone for: August

The bracelet is entirely hand made, using an ingenious technique combining wire-wrapping and metalwork elements.
materials: sterling silver, kyanite, 
main element size: 48x25 mm, 
lenght: 21 cm, adjustable, 
weight: 8,3 g
(Use the sizing information provided for a best sense of the fit.)

Would you like a unique, custom designed piece thats all your own?
Just contact me :)

Width: 2,50 cm
Length: 21,00 cm
Weight: 8,30 g

Tags: sterling silver, handmade bracelet, kyanite bracelet, wire-wrapping bracelet, ciba, bartosz ciba, unique bracelet, unique jewelry, kyanite, blue bracelet, fairytale bracelet, butterfly, butterfly bracelet, christmas gift, gift, perfect gift
Technique: metalwork, hand made, wire wrapping
Material: kianit, oxidative, silver, silver 925, silver 930, silver 999
Color: light blue, navy blue, indigo, cobaltic, blue, silver
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