Green lantern

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Green lantern
Green lantern Green lantern Green lantern Green lantern Green lantern Green lantern Green lantern
Price: 330 €

Registered mail, priority: 3 €

Courier in Poland: 5 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Silver necklace inspired by Rene Lalique’s work. The 7 serpents surround an almost glowing green fluorite. The bottom of the piece is decorated with a raw emerald nugget.
Dimensions: pendant: 8 cm x 5 cm , chain: 2*21 cm, total length 30 cm
The jewelry is packed in an elegant box, which is filled with protecting silver material and white feathers. The package is wrapped with a linen string. I give 2 years guarantee to all my creations.

Width: 5,00 cm
Length: 8,00 cm

Tags: green crystal, fluorite, emerald, raw emerald, snakes, vipers, serpents, tamborska, rekami stworzone, art nouveau, silver necklace, magic jewelry, amulet
Technique: Metal Clay, metalwork, mixed
Material: fluorite, silver, emerald
Color: black, silver, emerald, green
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