Frosted flower

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Frosted flower
Frosted flower Frosted flower Frosted flower Frosted flower Frosted flower Frosted flower Frosted flower
Price: 550 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Necklace Frosted flower conceals love for the world of nature and intricate openwork. I cut out each element the silver sheet, the flower was made of two shaped parts, connected together, so that they d a spatial lens. I covered the openwork with an oxide that gives a silver steel gray shade. The other part of the necklace is a simplified image of the leaves ending with a seashell pearl * which, like a of dew, dripped over the stalk.

I placed the metalwork on a fabric strap with a brocade and silver structure, finished with a snap closure and adjustment with my logo.

* - pearls made of shells

Frozen flower is a necklace perfect for lovers of elegance and jewelry made in only one copy.

FREE - I will send the necklace to you for free :)

The diameter of the flower - 5.3 cm
Width of metalwork - 12.5 cm
Height of metalwork - 12.0 cm
The circumference of the whole - 58.0 cm + 12.0 cm adjustment
Silver weight - 46.0 g

Width: 12,50 cm
Length: 58,00 cm

Tags: gift for her, plant jewelry, silver flower, openwork necklace, silver necklace, exclusive necklace, elegant silver necklace, pearl necklace
Technique: metalwork
Material: pearl, silver 925
Color: white, silver, grey
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