Crusader (skull)-komplet

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Crusader (skull)-komplet
Crusader (skull)-komplet Crusader (skull)-komplet Crusader (skull)-komplet Crusader (skull)-komplet Crusader (skull)-komplet
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Set of two bracelets - Bracelets for men in a series of Crusades. 6mm leather strap bound in burnished silver attempts 930 and 925. Active in vintage style. - Bracelet - African 4mm turquoise, blue ball howlitu 4mm, dark blue lapis lazuli beads 4mm and 925 silver, oxidized and rub in vintage style.

Technique: metalwork
Material: howlit, lapis lazuli, skin, silver 925, silver 930, turquoise
Color: brown, light blue, navy blue, blue, silver, turquoise


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Crusader (skull)-komplet