Window to the yard

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Window to the yard
Window to the yard Window to the yard Window to the yard Window to the yard Window to the yard Window to the yard Window to the yard
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A subtle pendant made of 925 sterling silver. Geometric braid of thin silver lines is a stylized motif of the window truss, taken Japanese art. Under the hand-cut cuttings, a silk cloth imported Japan, with the mountain landscape.. The color of the material goes the hue of the dark violet to the elements of red, white and blue with gold trim. Coloring fabric: suppressed white with red and navy blue. I placed the pendant on a double silver chain complete with adjustable snap fasteners and my logo.

Japanese tale enchanted in silver - a collection of delicate jewelry full of motifs taken the culture of Japan, in which I have embraced the symbolism of this country and the pieces of fabric brought the wandering it.

Diameter - 5.0 cm
Chain length - 59.0 cm + 12 cm adjustable
Weight of silver - 18.0 g

Width: 5,00 cm
Length: 59,00 cm

Tags: silver pendant, openwork pendant, japanese motives, delicate jewelry, light pendant, silver jewelry, japanese jewelry, elegant pendant
Technique: metalwork
Material: silver, fabric
Color: white, red, navy blue, blue, silver

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