Japanese mallow

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Japanese mallow
Japanese mallow Japanese mallow Japanese mallow Japanese mallow Japanese mallow Japanese mallow Japanese mallow
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Subtle pendant made of 925 sterling silver. The stylized leaves of mallow are closed in the shape of hearts and circles, this is a traditional motif taken Japanese art. Underneath the openwork is a silk fabric imported directly Japan, it is a fragment of a real kimono. The color of the material changes beige to blue and golden dots. I placed the pendant on a silver chain decorated with jade and iridescent glass beads. The pendant does not move along the chain, so the pebbles are always well laid. The chain ended with adjustable snap fasteners and my logo.

Japanese tale enchanted in silver - a collection of delicate jewelry full of motifs taken the culture of Japan, in which I have embraced the symbolism of this country and the pieces of fabric brought the wandering it.

Diameter - 5.0 cm
Chain length - 49.0 cm + 15 cm adjustable
Weight of silver - 21.5 g

Width: 5,00 cm
Length: 49,00 cm

Tags: silver pendant, openwork pendant, japanese motives, delicate jewelry, light pendant, silver jewelry, japanese jewelry, elegant pendant
Technique: metalwork
Material: jade, silk, silver 925, glass, fabric
Color: beige, light blue, silver, grey, gold


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Japanese mallow