Burning water

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Burning water
Burning water Burning water Burning water Burning water Burning water Burning water Burning water
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Hot springs, vast plains, high forests ... America is a spacious and varied land, the culture of the natives has become an inspiration for me to this necklace. porcelain I made a simplified face, surrounded by silver and feathery plume of red and spotted feathers. Under the feathers, I pinned the turquoise cords ending in cobalt glass goblets. I covered the surface of silver with an oxide that gave it a steel-gray hue.

The necklace is not fastened, metalwork is placed on linen - cotton cord with a tighter spacing, which is used to pull the rope to the appropriate length. I ended with silver tips, which prevent it slipping out of the spacer.


Length of rope: about 92.5 cm
Metalwork with feathers: 19.0 x 20.0 cm
Weight of silver: 40.0 g

Width: 19,00 cm
Length: 92,00 cm

Tags: wild west, necklace with feathers, indian necklace, indian necklace, silver necklace with feathers
Technique: metalwork
Material: feather, porcelain, silver 925, turquoise
Color: white, orange, silver, turquoise


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