Hindu mantra

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Hindu mantra
Hindu mantra Hindu mantra Hindu mantra Hindu mantra Hindu mantra Hindu mantra Hindu mantra
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Amazing gems, rich in gold and vegetable designs, is the quintessence of India transformed into a necklace. At the heart of the composition is an elephant decorated with openwork patterns taken manus and Hindu architecture. I also decorated with lace the lotus buds. I polished the surface of silver with a layer of 24k gold, the all complete colored stones: ruby, emerald, tourmaline, aventurine and cords of river pearls, jade and agate. The eyes of the elephant filled with green UV resin.
You can wear the necklace in two ways. The lower cords and the ruby ​​have clasps, so you can unclip the stones and wear the necklace in a shortened version.

If you love India, this necklace will be perfect for you

Elephant: 13.5 x 12.0 cm
Circumference: 60.0 cm + 10.0 cm adjustment
Length of necklace with ropes: approx. 50.0 cm
Length after removing the stones: 40.0 cm
Weight of silver: 65.0

Width: 12,00 cm
Length: 60,00 cm

Tags: indian necklace, gilded necklace, elephant necklace, openwork elephant necklace, large necklace, rich necklace, gold plated elephant necklace
Technique: metalwork
Material: agate, aventurine, pearl, coated with gold, ruby, silver 925, emerald, tourmaline
Color: green, gold


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Hindu mantra