Silver moose

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Silver moose
Silver moose Silver moose Silver moose Silver moose Silver moose Silver moose Silver moose
Price: 942 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
An unique necklace made of 925 silver, representing the head of moose.
On the first sight this silver moose looks very realistic, but to be honest he comes the Wonderland! Moose head has been made with hammered silver that is imitating animals fur. Silver have been covered with an oxide in silver - grey colors, that s details of the texture. The pendant is hanging on a leather belts covered with artificial grass. I ended the necklace chain with adjustable hook (for length regulation). This is an originally designed decoration for people who value hand made and highest quality.


Metalwork: 14.0 x 11.0 cm
Necklace (leather) circumference: 43.0 + 10.0 cm adjustable
Weight of silver: 81.0 g

Width: 14,00 cm
Length: 46,00 cm

Tags: silver moose, silver necklace with moose, moose necklace, fine necklace, silver necklace, animal necklace, brave silver necklace, silver moose
Technique: metalwork
Material: skin, silver
Color: silver, green
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