Cherry blossoms

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms Cherry blossoms
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Cicada among cherry blossoms, this garland made entirely of silver 925 silver flowers put together based on the form of bands, among them hid a small cicada insect characteristic of the climate in Japan. On the other hand, the diadem is a fan, all of which relate to the nature and culture of the country of the rising sun - Japan. For bands fastened white, chiffon ribbon to tie on the back of the head. Some elements polished to gleam, the rest remained in the shade of a natural, matte silver.

The band is flexible, it can be easily adapted to the head or a particular hairstyle.

Garland perfect for the bride who loves the culture of Asia

Circuit band without ribbons: 45.0 cm
The length of ribbon: a total of 70.0 cm
The weight of silver - 45.0 g

Width: 45,00 cm
Length: 70,00 cm

Tags: japanese inspiration, wedding band with silver, bridal band, a silver wedding band, cherry blossoms with silver diadem of silver, bridal headband of silver, wedding jewelry, original wedding band
Technique: metalwork
Material: silver 925
Color: white, silver


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Cherry blossoms