Towards the light

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Towards the light
Towards the light Towards the light Towards the light
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The unique Art Nouveau necklace was made in sterling silver. The product incorporates natural rosette-cut diamonds, sapphires and garnets. There is an option to attach a certificate. The whole including the chain is completely handmade. The work required the use of unique, old goldsmith techniques. The pendant is intricately sawing and carved. On the wings of the dragonfly I used a pave setting. Channel setting was used to squared sappihres. Central garnet weighing 5.9 ct was set in carga. Necklace is designed for a person who appreciates the craftsmanship of the old jewelers.

Width: 3,40 cm
Length: 4,40 cm
Weight: 12,77 g

Tags: handmade jewelry, art deco, art nouveau, silver crafts, unique jewelery, jewelery certified
Technique: engraving, metalwork, mixed, hand made
Material: diamond, dark blue, silver 925, sapphire
Color: silver


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Towards the light