Dziewczyna z perłą.

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Dziewczyna z perłą.
Dziewczyna z perłą. Dziewczyna z perłą. Dziewczyna z perłą.
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The original ring of silver pr performed 0,925 with white pearl (7 mm in diameter.) Surrounded by moving the puck with yellow gold pr 0,585 (14K). The ring has a width of 4 mm, its surface to emphasize plasticity is slightly matte and burnished and polished center. The ring is made to order. Delivery time about 14 days. For all its products impart a 5 year warranty.

Width: 0,40 cm
Weight: 7,80 g
Technique: metalwork, mixed, hand made, craft, sculpture, forging
Material: pearl, silver, silver 925, gold 585 (14 k), yellow gold
Color: white, pearl, silver, yellow, gold


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Dziewczyna z perłą.