Silver pendent ID:160829

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Silver pendent ID:160829
Silver pendent ID:160829 Silver pendent ID:160829 Silver pendent ID:160829 Silver pendent ID:160829
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Silver pendent with charoite and ebony ID: 160829

Silver gold-plated pendent with natural amber and ebony
Unique pendent designed and made by Jan Pomianowski.
ed natural Baltic amber set in carved and goldplated sterling silver and ebony. Diameter c. 5 cm

Exclusively hand crafted, catalogued and stamped by the author. We sell it with Jan Pomianowskis certificate of authenticity.

CHAROITE is a rare silicate mineral, first described in 1978 and named for the Chara River. It has been reported only the Sakha Republic, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia. It is found a syenite of the Murunskii Massif has intruded into and ed limestone deposits producing a potassium feldspar metasomatite

Width: 5,00 cm
Length: 5,00 cm
Diameter: 5,00 cm

Tags: silver, charoite, ebony, silver pendant, one of a kind, handcrafted, unique, pendant, baltic amber
Technique: cast, hand made, craft, sculpture
Material: wood, silver, silver 925, silver 930, silver 999, gold 585 (14 k)
Color: black, violet, silver, gold


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Silver pendent ID:160829