Wild meadow

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Artist: Sztuk Kilka
Wild meadow
Wild meadow Wild meadow Wild meadow Wild meadow Wild meadow Wild meadow Wild meadow
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Pendant made out of sterling silver 0,925 with green ceramic cabochon. The pendant is hanging on silver chain with adjustable hook (for length regulation). The upper half of the pendant is decorated with little lace, under it placed a hand-dyed natural leather.
This is an originally designed decoration for people who value highest quality.

Porcelain that I used is covered by crystalline glaze which I made myself in my studio. It was fired at 1270 C degree in my electric kiln with special firing schedule, so crystals can grow and now they are visible for human eye. It is very difficult to repeat the same effect so this pendant is absolutely unique. Whole metalwork is mine personal design the begging to the final product.


Pendant: 7.0 x 6.5 cm
Length of chain: about 54.0 cm + 14.0 cm adjustment
Silver Weight: approx 26.0 g

Width: 6,50 cm
Length: 54,00 cm

Tags: silver necklace, ceramic necklace, necklace with ceramics, ceramic crystal, crystalline ceramics, porcelain pendant
Technique: ceramics, metalwork
Material: ceramics, porcelain, silver 925
Color: silver, green


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Wild meadow