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Cosmos Cosmos Cosmos
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Extremely light and energy necklace made by embroidery koralikowego. In the center of the work is decorative glass stone, the intense color surrounded by small Toho beads and crystals. The whole finished with decorative tassels and hung on a ball chain. The size of embroidery 6x5cm, fringed 13x8cm. Circumference of the necklace of about 46cm + 4cm chain. Metal clasp in silver.

Width: 13,00 cm
Length: 8,00 cm
Weight: 18,00 g
Technique: beading, embroidery, hand made, hand sewing
Material: glass beads, Toho beads, cristal, metal, glass, fabric
Color: amaranth, fuchsia, navy blue, orange, rose, gold


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