obrączki z afirmacjami

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obrączki z afirmacjami
obrączki z afirmacjami obrączki z afirmacjami obrączki z afirmacjami obrączki z afirmacjami
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Jewelry was inspired by the book Jasmuheen Fri. Food of the Gods. The author is an international lecturer and founder of the Australian Academy of Samoumocnienia. This programming code can be used to keep the body in balance at all levels and to release the restrictions perception. The warrant itself should be used as often as you remind yourself about it. It consists in repeating again and again: perfect health, perfect weight, perfect balance, excellent image and at the same time connecting in turn each finger with the thumb, which is repeated mudra (the symbolic gesture of the hand) reinforcing the warrant. For the code to work, Jasmuheen recommended to realize two things. First, the code must be spoken as if we were masters of their body, whose role is to listen to our orders. Secondly, we must accept and understand the intention underlying sources of his words component.

Width: 1,00 cm
Weight: 12,00 g
Jewelry size: 14/17,00 mm
Technique: hand made
Material: silver 925
Color: silver


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obrączki z afirmacjami