Naszyjnik Magiczny

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Artist: Anna Nycz
Naszyjnik Magiczny
Naszyjnik Magiczny
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Magic Necklace - was made laborious embroidery technique braid and embroidery koralikowego. The whole was kept in a classic, elegant and timeless black. Its magic, sparkle and uniqueness owes its intricately woven network whose components are frequently embedded Swarovski crystals. The length of the tag is 40 cm (20 per side) necklace width is 12cm. The height of the center of the pendant is 10 cm. Velcro-type hook adjustable. Chain control about 5 -7 cm.

Width: 12,00 cm
Length: 40,00 cm
Technique: beading, embroidery, hand made, soutache, hand sewing
Material: glass beads, Toho beads, Swarovsky crystal
Color: black


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