Necklace Heron

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Artist: Aleja Srebra
Necklace Heron
Necklace Heron Necklace Heron Necklace Heron Necklace Heron
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Unusual and unique necklace depicting willingly used in the decorative elements, a beautiful bird. The stone, which is integrated perfectly into the heron quartz with rutile. The mineral is quite clear and has in its interior golden, delicate needles. This interesting gemstone color though limited, combined with the precious metal s a true silver jewelry artist. Its extremely sleek design makes it the object of arousing curiosity and desire among viewers. People who love to stand out various supplements and other originals added to your outfit to find something that will meet their expectations. Silver necklace heron is also an excellent choice for admirers of the natural world, and especially the beauty of birds. Black, strap ends with a silver and a reinforced connecting elements large, comfortable clasp.

Width: 4,20 cm
Length: 7,70 cm
Weight: 32,42 g
Technique: engraving, metalwork, hammering, hand made, craft, sculpture
Material: quartz
Color: silver


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