stylowa markiza

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Artist: Kriss
stylowa markiza
stylowa markiza stylowa markiza stylowa markiza
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Ring traditional awning covered in more avant-garde form. The combination of oxidised silver with gold elements. Natural labladoryt with faceted amethysts framed in a non conventional way to emphasize the uniqueness of form. The possibility of extending the ring before buying. All made by hand with silver 0,925 and covered with fragments of pure gold. The diameter of the whole top is 22 mm and the labladorytu 9 mm. On request it is possible to make similar form of other stones.

Diameter: 2,20 cm
Weight: 7,20 g
Jewelry size: 14/17,00 mm
Technique: hand made
Material: amethyst, labradorite, silver 925
Color: violet, silver, old gold


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stylowa markiza