PANTA RHEI.. in gray

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Artist: Tipika
PANTA RHEI.. in gray
PANTA RHEI.. in gray PANTA RHEI.. in gray PANTA RHEI.. in gray PANTA RHEI.. in gray
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Panta Rhei.. everything flows..
necklace made with bead embroidery and beading techniques;
the cuff ebroidered with Miyuki beads, the fringe with Toho beads;
simple but very elegant necklace, beautiful colors - gray shadows
herringbone fringe are 50cm long; the cuff is 2,8cm wide; the diameter is 16cm; bead emboidered piece is 8 x 8cm

Length: 50,00 cm

Tags: necklace, handmade, fringe
Technique: beading, embroidery
Material: Miyuki beads, Toho beads
Color: black, silver, grey

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