W koło jest wesoło

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Artist: Iwona Grabowska
W koło jest wesoło
W koło jest wesoło W koło jest wesoło
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Custom bracelet made of silver, gilded with turmalinami, and finally bracelet pendant - riveted circle with a diameter of 13 mm, clad in the middle of zircon. Length of bracelet is adjustable wrist with a maximum circumference of 19 cm. Tourmaline colors: pink, green, amber, brown. Riveted, soldered, Zakuwanie, gold-plated. Jewelry in an elegant package. The delivery time for 7 days.

Length: 19,00 cm
Technique: metalwork, mixed, hand made, craft
Material: coated with gold, silver 925, tourmaline
Color: brown, amber, pink, green


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W koło jest wesoło