Ginkgo with Fluorite

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Ginkgo with Fluorite
Ginkgo with Fluorite Ginkgo with Fluorite Ginkgo with Fluorite Ginkgo with Fluorite Ginkgo with Fluorite Ginkgo with Fluorite
Price: 89 €

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Courier in Poland: 9 €

Foreign shipment: set individually
Bracelet adorned typically associated with baroque splendor of gold and purple colors. Stylized twigs with leaves of ginkgo were formed by hand with warm bronze, gold-tone (Goldie Bronze). Same list decorated with rhinestones in the color of amethyst and peridotu. In addition to all the branches of brass or other metal elements (clasp, chain, etc.) Are silver zaoksydowanego to brown. The bracelet consists of fluorites (wrist), faceted amethyst and peridotu Randy and smooth bead colored apatite (forming staphylococcal) and pyrite beads connecting branch. Length of bracelet is 18.5 cm; Gronka length of 4 cm.

Length: 18,00 cm

Tags: violet and green, leaves, ginkgo, bunch of gems
Technique: Metal Clay
Material: amethyst, apatite, bronze, zirconia, fluorite, perydot, pyrite, silver 925
Color: violet, sea, multicolored, green, gold
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