Sorja II

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Artist: AillilStudio
Sorja II
Sorja II Sorja II Sorja II Sorja II Sorja II Sorja II Sorja II
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Exclusive bracelet made in beading and bead embroidery technique- Nature collection. Gold labradorite is surrounded with beaded leaves. Materials: Toho beads, agates, freswater pearls, keshi pearls and Preciosa beads. labradorite
Bracelet is finished with high quality, imported,ecological leather.
Width: 7cm ( 2,76 inches)
Total circumference: depended on customers preferences.
All our works are sent in elegant jewellery boxes.
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Width: 7,00 cm

Tags: bead embroidery, beading, flower, leaves, leaf, violet, cuff, toho, exclusive, avangarde, labradorite, pearls, keshi, aillilstudio
Technique: beading, embroidery
Material: agate, Preciosa beads, Toho beads, labradorite, keshi pearl
Color: brown, violet, fuchsia, navy blue, cobaltic, raspberry, blue, rose, pink, silver, grey, multicolored, heather, green


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