like a bird 09

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like a bird 09
like a bird 09 like a bird 09 like a bird 09 like a bird 09
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Extravagant earrings made combined techniques. In addition to embroidery braid, in this project I used: tatting, embroidery items koralikowego and natural birds feathers. In the center of the oval bronzytu supplemented Toho beads and Jabloneksem - tatting made of metallized threads Madeira and hand-butted cotton. Feathers of a peacock, pheasant and rooster - a form of light, space, eye-gaze. On the reverse stacked tatting, non-allergenic ear wires. Light. Impregnated.

Width: 3,50 cm
Length: 10,00 cm
Technique: Tatting, embroidery, mixed, hand made, soutache, hand sewing
Material: Miyuki beads, Preciosa beads, glass beads, Toho beads, lace, minerals, multicolor, feather, pyrite, soutache, turquoise
Color: beige, brown, amber, light blue, cappucino, chocolate, navy blue, indigo, cobaltic, cognac, ivory, copper, honey, blue, sapphire, emerald, multicolored, green, gold


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