Kobalt i złoto

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Artist: Jadwiga Betley
Kobalt i złoto
Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto Kobalt i złoto
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Extremely impressive necklace made hand embroidery technique using tapes called silk braid. Decorated in an elegant feminine colors. Shades of cobalt, gold, cream with a hint of amaranth work together to beautifully complementing a coherent whole. In the center of the necklace I put czech crystal Preciosa and Swarovski crystals. Intricate binding form crystals and Swarovski pearls and Czech Fire Polish beads and Japanese TOHO. The precision and delicacy performance, as well, fine quality materials give the necklace noble and timeless character. Dimensions: Necklace is long - total length calculated for the central element is approximately 64 cm, the central element-H calculated the tassel of 18 cm or total length is about about 82 cm, szer.5, 5 cm, 6.5 cm smaller elements x 3.5 cm. Rear protected natural, specially prepared skin. The elegantly packaged.

Length: 82,00 cm
Technique: soutache
Material: Preciosa beads, Toho beads, Swarovsky crystal, Swarovski pearls
Color: ecru, cobaltic, gold


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